Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The battle of the eye primers

In the red corner we have Too Faced Shadow Insurance weighing in at 11g and sporting a price tag of £16.50. Over in the blue corner we have NYX HD Eyeshadow base coming in lighter at 8g but also waaaaaay cheaper at £3.78.

The Match
I applied different primers on each eye followed by my usual weekday eyeshadow combo of YSL Pearly Peach  and Boots 17 Mardi Gras.

The Results
Here are the piccies from 8am and then again at 5pm when I got in from work....



As you can see the left side looks practically the same as it did at 8am whereas the eye on the right is showing signs of wear especially around the crease area.

and the winner is...
NYX HD eyeshadow base. Yup the cheaper option came out on a little ashamed to say its not the result I expected but also really pleased that my bargain ebay purchase paid off!

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Only 148 hours until....

my giveaway ends :) Don't forget to enter here for your chance to win the following goodies...

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This week I've been....

The range of t-shirts that Antoni & Alison have designed for Uniqlo. You can check the full range out here but these are a few of my fave designs from the collection...

I was greeted by this when I opened my make up bag this morning....

The actual sight that awaited me was even worse as the eyeshadow had fallen out of the pan too and was perilously close to crumbling into dust! I've managed to squidge it back in without it breaking up but am still a bit narked - especially given the price of this compact :(

Just one beauty purchase to report this week - Max Factor's new False Lash Effect Fusion mascara. Review to follow soon... :)

Up a parcel to send to the fabulous Give & Make Up. In case you've not heard of them they're a newly formed non-profit initiative who collect donations of cosmetics and toiletries and distribute them to women across the UK whose current circumstances mean that can’t afford these little luxuries that most of us take for granted. I've added a link to their site on my sidebar so be sure to check it out and quickly! This is a fabulous cause and your donations however small will be greatly received.

I've recently been feeling like I need to learn something new. I'm not sure about you but I go through cycles of feeling mentally restless & wanting to try out a new skill. I completed a masters degree last year and vowed that my studying days were over FOREVER but less than 12 months later I've been bitten by the learning bug again. I've no idea what it is I want to do so I'm going to indulge in some web research and see what jumps out at me!

Until next week,

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Beauty Symmetry

For quite a few years beauty experts have been claiming that the key to attractiveness is a symmetrical face and now there's an app which allows you to see what you'd look like if your mug was fully symmetrical! Its called Echoism and is free to download (at least it is on Apple's app store!)

To test your facial symmetry you start by taking a pic with your phone's camera. The image is then split & each side is used to create two separate and symmetrical faces! Here's my attempt....

So does symmetry = beauty? I actually found the results quite thought provoking. Neither of the symmetrical faces really looks like me - for reference this is me in my normal unsymmetrical state.....!

Its hard to say that you'd be beautiful if you were 'symmetrical' because if you were symmetrical you simply wouldn't be you!

Let me know if you give the app a go - would love to know what you think of it!

Until next time,

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reviewed: YSL Singulier Mascara

What they say
'A mascara that dares everything - volume, length and extreme curves - and sculpts the lashes creating a base effect "liner" for a look that is unique yet irresistible'

What I say

Glossy, gold, metal shiny-ness. Nuff said :)
Singulier comes with a medium size bristle wand - the bristles are actually 2 different lengths which gives it a spiral appearance. The formula is medium consistency - personally I like a bit more on the brush but its not one of those overly dry/unworkable formulas.

It does have a fairly obvious floral/perfume scent (apparently all YSL mascaras have this but this is only one I've owned so can't confirm!) I can't say I mind it although it is a bit odd to use a scented mascara!

Singulier gave me good length and volume and reasonable curl. Not quite as knockout as Holly achieved...she seems to get a far more dramatic look out of this mascara than I do! The girl has skills!

Bare eye

One coat

Two coats
Freshly applied this mascara looks great but throughout the day I did find that it became a little dry and flaky and on top of this, the tube itself also dries up quickly - I've been using it daily for just under a month and its more or less dead :( Would really like to get a more use for the price which is.....

Price £21.50 (ouch!)

Would I repurchase?
I really like the result this mascara gives and the sleek packaging has a lot of feel-good factor about it, but the fact that it dries out so quickly makes it no-no from me.

Would I recommend?
Yes but be prepared to replace this often.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Makeup Story

I saw this post on Hannah's blog and loved reading hers so much that I tagged myself  to do it too! It takes the form of 11 questions that give an insight into your beauty background so here goes....

♥  How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I first experimented with a delightful pink frosted Rimmel lippie and matching nail polish when I was quite young - maybe 11 or 12 - but through most of secondary school the most I wore was a bit of mascara and lipbalm. My skin got quite bad towards the age of about 16 and that's when I started wearing proper foundation/concealer and blusher which quickly progressed into 'full face of make up' territory!

♥ How did you get into makeup?
Probably through my mum when I was smaller (watching her get ready and rifling through her make up bag when she wasn't looking!) Getting into girly magazines (remember Sugar!?) in my teens also had a big part to play and then more recently youtube and the beauty blogosphere have also helped build my passion.

♥ What are some of your favorite brands?
The Body Shop is fab for face care and on the make up front I love Bourjois and Elf for bases, bronzers and blushers, Urban Decay and Boots 17 for eyes, back to Bourjois for mascara and Mac for highlighters & lippies.

What does makeup mean to you?
For me make up is something I simply really enjoy. I find the ritual of applying it is actually quite relaxing and cathartic. There is also a bit around confidence too. As much as make up shouldn't make a person, for someone who's suffered with rubbish skin the boost that it can give you is priceless.

If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
Definitely foundation, eyeliner, mascara and blusher.

What is your favorite thing about makeup?
The creativity it gives you - with all of the different brands, products, shades and tools that exist the opportunities are literally limitless!
What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup?
I'm definitely more of a drugstore gal and I actually think there are some amazing products to be found on the high street. I own a couple of pricier items but I just can't justify the cost to buy high end every time especially if its something I'm using daily and therefore runs out quickly!

What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
Practice practice practice! Don't be afraid to experiment but pick a time when it doesn't matter whether it works so well or not. Its always tempting to try a new look on a big night out and in my experience the pressure for it to work usually causes me to mess up big time!

What is one makeup trend you never understood?
It may be a slightly controversial one but I really don't get 'glitter'. I love a bit of shimmer as much as the next girl but full on chunks on your face just don't work for me!

♥ What do you think of the Beauty Community on Youtube/Blogger?
I haven't really ventured onto youtube yet but am really enjoying the beauty community on blogger. Touch wood I haven't experienced  some of the personal image negativity (aka downright bitchiness) that other bloggers speak of. It really hacks me off that some people get their kicks that way.

Who is your style icon?
This one took a bit of thinking about..but I've always thought that Kate Beckinsale is stunning - her make up is flawless and I desperately want/need her hair!

And jumping on what is a bit of a recent trend I also think that Adele is really beautiful - that girl rocks black eyeliner and has a gorgeously normal figure thats an inspirational sight amidst the skinny minnies of celeb land.

So there you have it...I tag anyone who fancies doing this post too!

Until next time,

Monday, 21 March 2011

Atlantic Swap?

Just a quick shout out to ask if any US based blogger-ettes may be interested in setting up a UK/US swap - there are so many amazing American brands that I'd love to try but who won't ship to this side of the pond or are just really hard to track down online.

So if any state-side lovelies are feeling the same about UK products drop me a line via and we can set up some swappage!

Until next time,

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

This week I've been....

The spring sunshine! I ventured out yesterday without a coat or cardi and even needed my sunnies!!! Me, Andy & Eddie the dog went for a lovely long walk by the river. Took a piccy to show him (the dog not Andy) in his neckerchief! Cute hey!

That some gorge camel jeans I ordered from Asos didn't fit - and by didn't fit I meant they weren't budging past my knees!! booo!

I got crafty this week and made myself a Polly Pocket necklace. I've been lusting after one from Dolly Bow Bow but they've been out of stock for a while so I picked up a vintage doll and plain gold chain off ebay and made my own! What do you think?

What else but Comic Relief. Like most people I spent the night alternating between laughter and tears and it really does make you realise how bloody lucky you are compared to the children (and adults) that rely on the charity's support. We've been doing loads of fundraising at work & managed to raise a massive £17,000 which is just an amazing result - made even better by the fact that the company have a commitment to match any amount we raise for charity :) My team's contribution to the fundraising involved us doing a dance routine to the Glee version of Rihanna's Umbrella/Singing in the Rain complete with brollies & rain ponchos. I nearly fell off the sofa when a clip of us bopping away popped up on the show on Friday night!! - I knew they'd been filming but wasn't expecting them to show it. Look mum! I'm on telly...

Have just polished off a gorgeous Sunday roast made followed by the most amazing tarte tatin that my lovely boy made. He's such a fab cook but is far too modest to ever admit it so I sneaked a pic of the pud when he wasn't looking...

Other than duty free Mac as mentioned here the only other thing I've bought this week is a new eyeshadow from Boots 17. The shade - Night Sky - is a mid grey colour. I panicked slightly when I got it home and noticed that that its labelled as a glitter shadow but as you can see from the swatch the glitter is actually really subtle.

Until next weekend!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Hauled: Haus of Gloi

I recently placed my first order with Haus of Gloi. In case you've not yet had the pleasure of their products they are US based brand run by hubbie and wife duo Matt & Britton who create their own vegan bath, body and perfume products. A quick scan of their website will show you that most of their products have a 'foody' theme based on comforting fragrances and ingredients.

Check out the gorgeous labels!
The first item I picked was a Mango Sticky Rice whipped soap which is a gorgeous rich body cleanser with coconut and sesame seed. It lathers really well and leaves your skin baby soft and gently scented. I've also been using it as a 'luxury' shave gel  - lucky old leg hairs! I think this post was about $6...I can't check the exact price as its no longer available on their site. Many of their lines are limited edition as they're made from a batch of fragrance & once its gone its gone - there are plenty of other goodies to choose from but be quick with your orders if you see something you like!

Next up is Vice bubbling scrub which was $3.50 for a 2oz pot which they also refer to as a sample size. This is a sugar based scrub and although its not recommended for use on your face it gives quite a gentle level of exfoliation. Despite this not being the most scrubbiest scrub I've every tried the scent is INCREDIBLE. The official Haus of Gloi description reads...

"Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and blanketed in black chocolate"

...and it smells exactly how you'd imagine these ingredients would. Or if your imagination needs a hand, like a steaming mug of Starbucks coffee with caramel AND hazlenut syrup shots, marshmallows melted on the top and a chocolate stirrer to finish it off! .

As well as the two products I ordered they also popped into my delivery a sample vial of their Satyr perfume which a scrummy blend of vanilla and blood orange and a little handwritten thank you card (got to love the personal touch of a small independant company!)

So not surprisngly I can confirm that my first experience of Haus of Gloi has been an awesome one - fabulous, unique beauty products, gorgeous packaging and great customer service. I love!

Until next time,

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