Sunday, 20 March 2011

This week I've been....

The spring sunshine! I ventured out yesterday without a coat or cardi and even needed my sunnies!!! Me, Andy & Eddie the dog went for a lovely long walk by the river. Took a piccy to show him (the dog not Andy) in his neckerchief! Cute hey!

That some gorge camel jeans I ordered from Asos didn't fit - and by didn't fit I meant they weren't budging past my knees!! booo!

I got crafty this week and made myself a Polly Pocket necklace. I've been lusting after one from Dolly Bow Bow but they've been out of stock for a while so I picked up a vintage doll and plain gold chain off ebay and made my own! What do you think?

What else but Comic Relief. Like most people I spent the night alternating between laughter and tears and it really does make you realise how bloody lucky you are compared to the children (and adults) that rely on the charity's support. We've been doing loads of fundraising at work & managed to raise a massive £17,000 which is just an amazing result - made even better by the fact that the company have a commitment to match any amount we raise for charity :) My team's contribution to the fundraising involved us doing a dance routine to the Glee version of Rihanna's Umbrella/Singing in the Rain complete with brollies & rain ponchos. I nearly fell off the sofa when a clip of us bopping away popped up on the show on Friday night!! - I knew they'd been filming but wasn't expecting them to show it. Look mum! I'm on telly...

Have just polished off a gorgeous Sunday roast made followed by the most amazing tarte tatin that my lovely boy made. He's such a fab cook but is far too modest to ever admit it so I sneaked a pic of the pud when he wasn't looking...

Other than duty free Mac as mentioned here the only other thing I've bought this week is a new eyeshadow from Boots 17. The shade - Night Sky - is a mid grey colour. I panicked slightly when I got it home and noticed that that its labelled as a glitter shadow but as you can see from the swatch the glitter is actually really subtle.

Until next weekend!


  1. That necklace you made is cute, nothing like a bit of DIY! And I was the same as you, crying and laughing whilst watching comic relief..good to see you were on TV though!

  2. The necklace is really cute, and well done on earning such a big amount for charity, looks like you had fun in the process too which is fab! xx

  3. Awww cute dog, and great idea with the necklace! So crafty!

  4. I love the necklace and what type of food is that it looks amazing