Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tiny Haulage

Hi everybody hope you're all well and enjoying the downhill ride towards the weekend!

I got back from my work trip yesterday which was tiring but productive. Copenhagen was really nice but slightly ruined by a couple of rather large fails on my part. I flew out early on Sunday so I could do some shopping before my meetings started on Monday not realising that the shops in Denmark are only open the first Sunday of the month so were all shut :( I decided all was not lost and I could still do the cultural/sightseeing thing....only to find that Andy had taken the memory card out of the camera so I couldn't even take any decent photos!

All was not lost though on the shopping front as in the airport on the way home I managed to snaffle this little beauty....

Marquise D  from the infamous Wonder Woman collection. This is my first limited edition Mac product and I can see why they attract so much attention - the packaging is just wicked.....

I never keep the boxes for anything but I definitely won't be throwing this one away! Here's a quick swatchy for your perusal too...

So I'm off to get some tea and get some more posts written up - my first Haus of Gloi order arrived whilst I was away so will  be back to share that soon and I'm working on a hair history post too - if I can bear to share the piccies!! :)

Until next time,

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  1. I love the title of your post. What do you think about this lipstick?

  2. You can't go wrong with that shade.
    I love the packaging. I did a Medium haul for this collection :-)

  3. Lucky girl - that's the one I wanted. Somethng tells me it is too light for me.

    I kept my boxes, too! =)

  4. I love it so much. I didn't get anything from this collection but I'm regretting it now! x

  5. it looks so pretty and very wearable x

  6. @ Katie Abshier thanks! to be honest I have only tried it once - I love the shade and consistency but as with most Lustres, lasting isn't great! I don't mind though - the packaging alone makes me happyyyyyy!

    @ Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up I saw that you got Mighty Aprodite which was also on my wish list but no stock left - boooo!

    @ lexi920 I nearly missed out too - the Mac counter had none left and then I spotted this at the checkout where someone had changed their mind! Lipstick fate!

    @ *Zoe* I ummmed and aahed for ages! there's still time... :)

  7. It looks super pretty! I've never gotten limited edition MAC before, I'm afraid I'll love it and never use it out of fear of using it up. Ha :)

  8. @val the very same thought has crossed my mind :) I went for marquis d' as it seems to have popped up in a few collections so hope it will again!!

  9. ahh that's so pretty! it looks really good quality too :)