Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Backpacking Beauty

The summer holiday period is in full swing which got me thinking about my previous holidays and in particular when I was lucky enough to travel around South East Asia/Australia a few years ago.

Backpacking can be a grubby business at times but just because you're living out of a rucksack and surviving solely on junk food, beer and the use of public transport, doesn't mean that you can't still look good doing it. I thought I'd share some of the beauty tips picked up on the trip - you could probably make use of them for any kind of holiday!
Sporting my rucksack :)
The first tip is a pretty obvious one which is to buy small airplane-friendly bottles and transfer your favorite products into them to save weight & space in your luggage. The best I've found are from IckleBockles - the name alone makes me happy!


Lush solid shampoos will save you tons of space in your bag, last for up to 80 washes and won't leak all over your 'capsule' wardrobe.

Baby wipes will become your best friend. Use them to cleanse your skin (& your make-up brushes if carrying them) and generally freshen yourself up on long journeys.


Make the beach your beauty parlour. After a few months of  flip flops and filthy roads your feet may start to suffer so taking a stroll on a sandy beach will exfoliate them back into to tip top form. And embrace your inner surfer chick with salt water waves - just plait your hair loosely after a dip in the sea, loosen when dry and voila... 

Using a liquid bronzer can add a hint of colour to beat that just-stepped-off-the-plane-and-hideously-pasty-compared-to-everyone-else trauma and as your tan comes along you can mix it with your base for a more natural colour match  The obvious product choice would be Mac Lustre drops - I used Maybelline's Dream Bronze Bronzing Booster which is a great low-cost alternative but I haven't seen it in the shops for a while :(

When your diet/alcohol intake leaves a lot to be desired a supplement such as Berocca keeps your energy and vitamin levels up which will help keep skin and hair healthy.


To save space carry cosmetic products that can work on eyes, lips and cheeks such as the Multipurpose Duo from Nars, Elf's All Over Colour Stick or an all-in-one compact like New CID's Eyes, Lips & Cheeks palette.
And last but not least, why not store it all in this kitsch travel-themed wash bag from Not on the High Street
Until next time,