Monday, 11 July 2011

My Hair History

I almost didn't write this post as looking back at photos made me realise my hair history is pretty boring. Its been mainly brown and mainly long. However some of the older pics I found were so hilarious I had to share them. So read on and prepare yourself for some utterly hideous 80's kiddy fashion.

Baby me...I included this pic to show that I started of life with CURLS...until they were chopped off during my first hair cut & never grew back :(

Next the hairdresser treated me to this lovely bowl-cut fringe, the damn thing was so disturbingly huge it gave me a massive fringe phobia. And what the feck is that jumper about??

A couple of years older and the fringe is gone but whilst the hair has improved the dress sense hadn't - check out the stunning dress and bolero combo from where else but...Tammy Girl.

Fast forward to the age of 15 and bob is back.  This picture shows my hair in its most natural state, its not curly or even wavy - just bulky and frizzy!

This snap was taken on my 16th birthday not long after I discovered the wonders of hair dye, straighteners and like most of humankind, French Connection logo t-shirts.

I started growing my hair shortly after the last pic until at its longest (about 4 years ago), it looked like this.

About 3 years ago I started getting my hair chemically straightened which along with a couple of inches trimmed off the bottom made it look like this.

Shortly after meeting the boy I had my hair cut and coloured into a darker, shoulder length bob which I promptly regretted - the style was just too blah and nothing-y. So back to growing it and a fair few dollops of Lee Stafford's hair growth mask...

...created my hair as it today. And yep that's a fringe - albeit a long, side swept one.

I've recently found myself lusting after a full fringe once again. Am thinking of investing in a clip in one a la Nicola to make sure I REALLY like it before I get snip-happy! If anyone has any recommendations for clip-in hair bits please holler!

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Friday, 1 July 2011

Swatched: Stila Lippies

As promised here's the follow up to this post with some snaps of the Stila lippies. As you'll see most of these shades come up pretty sheer on me with exception of my new fave daytime lip Olivia and the stunning Cleopatra :)







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