Monday, 2 May 2011

Hauled: Givenchy & Eyeko!

I've almost completely hit pan on the coral shade from this YSL shadow duo and as replacement decided to go for Chic Coral from Givenchy's Le Prisme Yeux Mono eyeshadow range.

Like its YSL predecessor the packaging on this shadow is just amazing - I love the mirrored logo to the top and that the case has a magnetic rather than clasp closure - it closes with a luxuriously satisfying clunk!

The compact features a single colour shadow but with four different textures to allow you to create a multidimensional look with just one product - there's a matte shadow, two levels of pearl finish and a 'sequined' one (aka glittery-ish!)

I wasn't really able to capture the different textures in the picture but here's a shot anyway :) I haven't included any swatches either as it barely shows up on my hands which are slightly tanned from the recent sunshine!

The shadow costs £20 but I managed to get a couple of pounds off as part of Debenhams' Easter Extravaganza event.

Another recent purchase is Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara. This is my first try of Eyeko products and I'm impressed so far (with the customer service & delivery anyway!)

I love the fact that this mascara comes in a squeezy tube - can imagine it makes it easier to get as much of the product out as possible. The brush is also a new venture for me as its so tiny...

....will let you know how I get on! The mascara was £8.95 from Eyeko's website (delivery is free!)

Until next time,


  1. Everything from Givenchy always looks so elegantly packed!

  2. Oehhh i like the eyeshadow of Givenchy! Could you swatch it hihi?
    Nice blog =)!


  3. I would also love to see a swatch of the eyeshadow! Still searching for a good coral.

  4. Good post, must buy that mascara!

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    All the best!


  5. @ Carla it is so glamorous! Real feel good packaging!

    @ LaSylva & Elle Of course, will get some swatches up ASAP for you :)

    @ The Fashionilla I would really recommend it - haven't posted the review yet but it will be a rave one when I do!