Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Swatched: OCC Lip Tar in Trick

This is one of those products that requires no formal introduction...OCC's lip tars are pretty infamous on the beauty blog circuit. I've been a bit reluctant to get involved before as a lot of the shades seemed to me to be quite blue toned which I can't easily wear. But I took the plunge and ordered up Trick which is described by OCC as a 'pale beige with subtle warm undertones'. I got it from Genie Cosmetics for £8.59 Lip Tars promised to deliver the lasting power of lipstick but with gloss-style application and as such are packaged in a dinky 8ml tube which looks like this.....

All lip tars are cruelty free, 100% vegan and free of parabens too. They are hugely pigmented which is meant to be particularly good against the harsh effects of digital photography and HD video...this is a just a light swatch on my hand and you can see how opaque it is.

I took the advice of previous reviewers and used a lip brush for even coverage and applied just the tiniest amount - you can always add more but too much will bleed and feather outside of your lip line. This is Trick on me....

....a pretty warm toned pale peach. I've only used it once so far but initial thoughts are that I love the colour and the pigmentation - I can already see that even such a small tube will last ages. On the downside application is fiddly and it did feel quite dry on my lips. I'm not sure if you can apply gloss or balm over the top as it might impact the longevity but I may give it a go!

Until next time,


  1. It looks so pretty! I really want to get some of these, but on the site I can get them from they're $21 NZD each, which seems a bit much right now!

  2. That's pretty! I wonder if they have it here in Manila. I would totally get these! And thanks for the swatch. :)

  3. @ River that's really annoying :( They work out at about 17 NZD each over here so its not too much of a saving but every penny does count!

    @ Hessed Joy you're welcome - good luck trying to get hold of them!

    @ Leanne Marie me too! :-)

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