Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hauled (and swatched!): Elf Studio Concealer & Lip Balms

I'm a self-confessed new product tart so as soon as one pops up on my radar I just have to purchase. Hence this Elf haul containing a couple of the newest additions to their Studio line - the Complete Coverage Concealer compact and two of the Conditioning Lip Balms.

First up the concealer set which priced at £3.50 contains 4 shades of concealer designed to match your skin tone through all seasons of the year. The compact features the sleek black studio packaging and comes with a small brush which is actually quite good quality.

Slight downside on the packaging....when I opened it up there were some rather nasty spots of condensation on the middle two shades....

Sweaty concealer!
I'd say the concealer in this compact offers light to medium coverage but worth noting that the consistency is quite moisturising and possibly even a tad on the oily side so better suited to drier skins. I tried it on my face and it tended to slip off my t-zone but worked better under my eyes where the skin is less oily. On to the swatches....

Without flash
The compact is available in 3 colourways (light,medium and dark) I opted for medium and could easily use the 1st and 3rd shades through most of the year. The darker two shades could be useful on holiday when I'm quite tanned but my skin never gets that dark naturally in the British sunshine :) Probably worth mentioning that I swatched this on my uber-pale inner forearm hence why all shades actually look far too dark for me!

With flash

Next up is the Conditioning Lip Balms which are available in 6 shades and priced at £3.50 a pop. The chunky perspex packaging is really pretty although these pots are quite large (4.5 cms wide x 4.5 cms long x 3cms tall) so much bigger than your typical lip balm container. Elf refers to it as 'the ideal lip balm to carry with you, or take when you travel' but I'd argue that its quite space-consuming!

The texture of these balms are lovely - quite thick but not sticky on the lips - they definitely have more of a lipstick feel to them when applied and a creme finish (no shimmer or glitter here!) They have a gorgeous coconut scent too and the added bonus of factor 15 SPF. The two shades I opted for were Mellow Mellon and Nice and Natural.

Mellow Melon is a pinky coral and Nice & Natural is a true neutral nude. The color payoff is pretty good and gives a noticeable but sheer wash of colour.

So there you have it - a semi-successful Elf haul. I like the concealer shades but the formula sadly won't work for me (if there is any drier skinned gals out there who fancy trying this give me a shout as I'm happy to sell it on at a discount).The lip balms however are a win for me. I've been wearing Nice & Natural every day since I got it and am looking forward to giving Mellow Melon a whirl this weekend!

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  1. I saw these concealer palettes the other day and I was curious.Thanks for the review..very handy.
    As for the nasty sport of condensation..I get the same with my Mac Cream Colour Bases. I think it has to do with the nature of the ingredients on the creamy products I guess?

  2. I got the Mellow Melon balm but haven't tried it out yet, looks good in the swatch!

  3. Hi Rachael, just to let you know you won my giveaway! :)

  4. ah i haven't tried anything from elf yet, these look worth a go though :) what are they like for delivering?x

  5. Both the lip swatch colours look so pretty! :)

    pinklittlebean blog

    Clare x

  6. hey, id be willing to buy the concealer off you please! x

  7. @ Mercedes -Ms Purple Make-up ahhh that's good to know that it's a common problem & not just a fault with mine!

    @ konni It's pretty true to the colour in the photo...hope you like it!

    @ sparkle-and-grey my goodies arrived last wk - will pop up a post on them soon!

    @ shanice pretty good, I always go for standard delivery and it arrives with 3/4 days max :)

    @ pinklittlebean they are both really nice shades. On reflection nice and natural looks a but nothingy in the pic but it's a really lovely neutral nude

    @ Chandni no probs at all :) if you drop me an email to I can send you a paypal invoice

  8. This is good to know. I just recently started getting into some ELF and have been eyeing some of their concealers for a while. I have oily skin so now I know to skip this. Thanks for the great and honest review.