Saturday, 1 January 2011

Reviewed: YSL Ombres Duolumières Eyeshadow Duo in Pearly Peach/Mink Brown

What they say....
"Playing on the alchemy of contrasts, the DUOLUMIERES Eye Shadows combine colour and luminosity to adorn your eyelids with vibrant harmonies. Thanks to an optical smoothing effect each shade fully expresses its intensity and brilliance".

What I say....

I've been using (and loving) this elf quad as my everyday eyeshadow for quite a few months now. The peachy shade is a fab all-over-lid colour which does mean I hit pan on it far sooner than any of the other shadows in the set. My current one chose to completely run out the day before Christmas Eve so whilst in town picking up a final few Xmas pressies I set about trying to find a dupe and was drawn to the YSL's Duolumières eyeshadow duo in No.23 (Pearly Peach/Mink Brown) - or more specifically the pearly peach half!

YSL packaging is undeniably luxurious and this compact in all its shiny gold glory is no exception. The weighty metal case houses a good-sized mirror along with two brushes - your bog standard shadow one and a teeny tiny one to allow you to apply shadow as liner. I love how the YSL logo is embossed into the shadows...makes it almost too pretty to use. But for 27 quid use it I must.....

As the name of this duo suggests it contains a mid peach and a minky grey/brown shadow both with hints of subtle shimmer. The colour payoff is ok but not spectacular - I'd go as far as to say its comparable to my beloved Elf one! The texture of these shadows is however far superior. Their creamy texture means they blend well with no fall-out. Lasting power is good - no better or worse than Elf if worn with a decent primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

The duo in action - pearly peach all over the lid and mink brown on the outer crease

Price £27.00

Would I repurchase? As a rule I'm more of a high-street rather than high-end girl when it comes to make-up and this is the most expensive eyeshadow duo I have ever bought. (I actually felt a bit sick when the MUA ran it through the till!) Whilst I'll enjoy using it up I'm not as blown away by this as I would like to be for the price. And when I think that the Urban Decay Naked palette was £1 cheaper for 6 times as much product I sadly can't justify spending so much again on two little shadows.

Would I recommend? If budget is no question then I'd recommend this duo if only the for the feel good factor that the packaging alone brings. However if you usually buy high-end I'd really encourage you to give cheaper brands a whirl - there is, in my opinion, great quality to be had for significantly less cash!

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  1. This looks such a beautiful duo and I love how you've used it - but I know what you mean it's just so pricey! I love YSL products but I do think you pay for the name/packaging! But exactly, you now have a feel good palette :D xxx