Sunday, 1 May 2011

This week I've been...(Part 2)

Indulging in a Bank Holiday burger and chips

Sporting the Dotty P's dress I was lusting after in this post (it finally came back in stock online!)

Receiving a surprise parcel of Perricone MD facecare goodies from my lovely mummy
(proper post on them to follow!)

Eating Mr Whippy ice cream by the river

Swotting up on what there is to do in Barcelona

Eating Royal Wedding cupcakes baked by Andy's mum whilst staring in awe at Kate Middleton's gorgeous wedding dress!

Going out for a 10 mile bike ride (punctuated by pub stops of course!)

Until next time,


  1. I might have to hint for my mum to send me a box of goodies like that! I haven't had a mr whippy in years...YUM!xo

  2. Hmm the ice cream loks deelish! Good for you, biking all that way :) xo

  3. Great blog!