Friday, 4 February 2011

EOTD - Distraction Techniques

I had no idea what to call this EOTD. The name of the first one I posted was based on the products used but if I continue to do that my current dependancy on the Naked palette will make for repetitive reading! So I decided on a name that explains a little about the look/why I opted for it.

So why Distraction Techniques? Well I wore this shadow combo to work the other day - its far bolder than what I'd normally wear in the day but I had to give a presentation and woke up with the worst breakout on my chin :(   Foundation + concealer + more foundation + powder wasn't doing the trick so I figured a bit of charcoal grey might draw the audience's eyes northward.  I have no idea if it worked - they probably just thought I was tarting it up and spotty but hey ho! :)

What I used....

♥ Pearly Peach from this YSL duo all over lid
♥ UD Creep on outer half of lid and lower lash line
♥ Maybelline Naked Beige on browbone to highlight
♥ UD 24/7 eye pencil in Zero to tightline eyes
♥ YSL Singulier mascara (review to follow on this)

Until next time,


  1. I know how you feel! I had an awful reaction to a face mask recently and my skin was horrendous! Your eye makeup looks beautiful though!! :)


  2. PRETTY!!! I still don't own that Naked palette and yes, I'm still sad about that!

  3. So pretty! Love this look

  4. This is actually a really nice look!
    Sometimes out of desperation we try new things and they work.

  5. This is beautiful! It reminds me of a similar look i did using Nars Nepal & Mekong :) x

  6. @ DaintyMakeUp That's really bad :( I can put up with a breakout but must be even more irritating when its a product to blame!

    @ Lexi920 Well done for being so restrained...wish I had your self control!

    @ Miss LV Thank you! :)

    @ Mercedes Ms Purple Make Up This was definitely a desperate day...if all else fails then slap some more shadow on!

    @ R Cheers my dear!

    @ Sherrie thank you - I've just checked out your FOTD with the Nars pretty and far better blending than I can manage. I'm a bit heavy handed!