Sunday, 6 February 2011

Trip to Bath and a modest haul (a picture laden post!)

Evening blogettes! Hope you're all enjoying whats left of the weekend. Andy and I took an impromptu trip to Bath...after a rotten few days at work I decided I need to just get away! The weather was pretty grim but I didn't care -  it was just so nice to get some proper down-time with no-one else around (we're living with Andy's parents whilst saving for a house deposit!) Anyway we spent a lovely, lazy Saturday just wandering around the city including a stop by the roman baths.....

and then onto a fab resturant called Panasia for some some scrummy Thai food washed down with a Sake cocktail or two. This morning we blasted the hangover away with a gorgeous cooked brekkie at the River Cottage Canteen which is as the name suggests is owned by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall off t'telly! I find it really cringey when I see people photographing their food in a resturant but my order looked so lovely when it arrived I decided to join the club and take a sneaky snap on the iphone!

The rest of the day did involve the shops naturally. The shopping in Bath is amazing - I remember it being fab that last time I went (3 or 4 years ago) and its now even better with the construction of SouthGate. Despite this I was quite reserved and only picked up a few bits. Am so in love with the H&M dress which despite being under £30 is made of the most gorgeous silk-like material. I plan to add a few glam accessories and wear it to a wedding we're invited to later this year. (Get me planning in advance vs. my usual dash round the shops the day before!)

Blue Dress - £29.99 H&M

Pen pot Make-up brush holder - £2.75 Paperchase

Necklace - can't remember the price! H&M

Models Own lipstick in Nude - £6.00 Boots

Swatched: Without/With Flash

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle - £5.61 Boots

And so its Sunday night again already :( Andy is zombie-fied in front of Top Gear so I'm off to make some toast and a cuppa and catch up on some blogs. I'll leave you with a pic of my little Roman.....

Until next time,



  1. I've wanted to go to the Roman baths for ages but never even been to Bath! It looks lovely in your picture. Sounds like you had a nice break! We're saving for a house deposit too and it just feels like we'll never get there!xx

  2. Seem like you had the most relaxing time. I know how you feel! I work all day, six days a week. It's rare that I get to enjoy the sun. The food look delicious.

  3. sounds fantastic...and what a find with that dress!

  4. I LOVE shopping in Bath! It's amazing because they have MAC, SpaceNK, LUSH, Topshop and Ben's Cookies! Did you go there?! Great photos too :) Glad you had relaxing day out - Bath (& shopping!) always cheers me up :)

    Catherine x

  5. @ Emily It's tough isn't it especially given that you need such a huge deposit these days! Would definitely recommend Bath for a coupley weekend away...we managed to bag a cheap hotel (good old travelodge!) but did then cancel it out with shopping & food & beer!

    @ Angelica you work so hard! I think you've definitely earned a weekend away! :)

    @ two birds I'm so pleased with have to love a good bargain!

    @ Catherine We didn't make it to Ben's Cookies this time but have had them from the one in Oxford before...too scrummy! I love Bath as well..would love to live there!

  6. Looks like you had a great time. I love the Paperchase brush holder.

    Nice blog - now following.
    Zoe x
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  7. Hey, I started a beauty blog now too because I was finding myself wanting to write more about beauty related stuff ! I love your purchases and I love your other post EOTD, been meaning to give that look a try! I haven't used model's own make-up before so I think I need to give that a go too! and I def want some of that backcomb in a bottle! karen x

  8. @ Karen will be sure to check out your new blog soon - your make up always looks immaculate in your outfit posts! This was my first foray into Models Own too and impressed so far!