Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What's in my bag..?

Hi y'all! Hope you're having a good evening :)

Alongside beauty storage this type of post is another of my favourites to read on other blogs so it was high time I did my own. As you'll see I carry a sh*t load of stuff around with me...! I haven't included a photo of my actual bag as its a just a plain black slouchy leather thing from Next...so straight on to the contents!

First up we've got the 'functional' stuff which includes an umbrella (a british necessity!), my glasses which I need mainly for reading/computer work and my work pass which I keep in my bag at all times otherwise I can't get into work and (more importantly!) can't buy any lunch :) My keys also live in my bag so that I don't have early morning stress attacks trying to find them - the keyring is from a recent primark haul.

My purse is from Topshop and was a pressie from Andy a couple of birthdays ago. My iphone also comes everywhere with me - I was a latecomer to the Apple party but now can't imagine living without it (as sad as that is!) The little orange case that it lives in was an H&M bargain. The Nokia brick next to it is my work phone which I hate having to carry as it makes you in theory permanently contactable :- /

The two little bottles you can see are a Vicks FirstDefence nasal spray which (although gross to use) is amazing at warding off a cold and a minty breath spray from Superdrug as I hate chewing gum. Naturally I found a stash of old receipts at the bottom of my bag and of course a pen (probably 'borrowed' from work - I haven't bought a pen in years!)

Now onto the beauty bits...first up is my carry around make up bag (from Primark) which houses my touch up kit of concealer, lippie, mascara, eyeliner and blush. The pink bottle is the Body Shop's Vitamin E facial spritz which is fab for perking up a flagging face of make up. The red pot is Schwarzkopf Dust It volumising powder which I use as dry shampoo (far more portable than a whopping big can of Batiste!)

I always carry a hair clip for when my fringe is getting in the way and of course a brush. The nail file/buffer is from H&M and I always have an antibacterial hand gel nearby (I'm a bit OCD with germs!) The alcohol in it is really drying though so I always have to use hand cream straight afterwards - this little tube was a Body Shop gwp.

I usually have a few stray painkillers in my bag and a lip balm too. The one I'm currently using is a Burner Balm (it doesn't work for me at all but it smells pretty!) The purple tube is a Clean and Clear blemish gel so I can catch any nasty spots as soon as they dare to appear. Last but not least I have my pedometer (should really be 'on' me and not in my bag but I wear it when I remember!) and Lush's Whoosh temple balm - I use this at work when I'm having a stressy moment and it helps me to not bite anyone's head off re-focus.

So I hope you've enjoyed this little tour through the contents of my bag - feel free to use this post as a tag if you fancy sharing yours!

Until next time,


  1. Ooooh I do love a good "whats in my handbag" xx

  2. these types of posts always interest me, i'm so nosey haha :) x

  3. great post, being nosey i love these kind of posts ;-) x

  4. I keep doing something like this too but it would probably be boring and I'd scare readers with the amount of receipts sitting at the bottom of my purse!

  5. @ Sunshine Sam, shanice, Rachel, *Zoe*, Carly-Anne - thanks ladies, I'm super nosy too, love a visual mooch around blogger's bags, make up collections, bedrooms etc! :)

    @ lexi920 there was a fair amount in mine too.. I just organised them into a nice little pile and the rest are stuffed away out of sight in my purse :-O

  6. They do travel size batiste dry shampoos now they are so much better for your bag than the big ones, they have a few of the scents too I have the pink one :) x

  7. @xmisslorix that's a really good point! I've used the travel sized cans a couple of times but do find they run out super quickly - I get through a lot of the stuff! :)