Monday, 7 March 2011

A century of followers :) :) :)

Just got a lovely surprise logging in and seeing that at some point last night/today I’ve hit triple figures in the reader department.

Like most bloggers I had no idea on starting out whether anyone would be interested in me blathering on about my beauty product obsession but it seems that a fair few of you are which is such a lovely feeling. It’s made my Monday!


An enormous thank you to everyone who has read or commented on allthingsbloggedandbeautiful over the last few months and for introducing me to your fabulous blogs too. The community feel of beauty blogging is definitely what inspires me to keep on posting.

To say a proper thanks to you all I will be hosting a giveaway over the next couple of weeks so keep any eye out for that..

Until next time,


  1. Congrats, love your blog x x x

  2. congrats - I feel that I have WAYS to go!

  3. Congratulations =) I am follower number 101 woohoo

  4. @ Miss LV thank you! loving your work too :-)

    @ lexi920 you will get there lovely...keep it up :)

    @ pebbzs thank you! & thanks for helping me skip over the 100 mark :)

    @ Charlotte Marie - ta muchly!

  5. @ xXxStundonxXx thanks Leanne :)

  6. Congrats on so many followers!
    Thanks for following my blog recently too it means a lot to me, I've just checked out your blog & I'm a new follower now!
    haha thanks again!

  7. Congrats,love reading your blog xxx

  8. @ Olivia ta muchly & good luck with your blog too :)

    @ BeautybyPaula thanks Paula, glad you enjoy it :)