Sunday, 27 February 2011

This week I've been...

That spring is finally arriving - I actually left work and arrived home in the daylight this week which is such a nice feeling after what seems like almost 6 months of gloom! My second love this week is Andy's sister, Emily. Before having children she was a trained make up artist and when I mentioned my beauty obsession, she suggested I could have a look through her kit to see if there was anything I fancied. It was like a second Christmas when she turned up yesterday with a huge toolbox and a bag crammed full of stuff. Most of the liquid items (lip glosses/foundations etc) sadly had to be chucked as they gone 'bad' but I'm now the seriously happy owner of all this loveliness.....

Still not being able to find a Boots that is stocking the 17 Vintage Eye Palettes I mentioned in last Sunday's weekly review. I hate the thought of spending money on delivery from Boots (it just doesn't seem right somehow!) but think that's where I'm heading. Am also :-( that the fan brush I ordered from E.l.f arrived looking like this....

There's a email on its way to them as we speak...hoping their customer service is as good as their prices!

To an audio book on my iphone. I've got a work trip coming up and thought this would be a fun way to pass the time on the plane without having to lug a book around so I ordered Gok Wan's autobiography from Amazon. I've already listened to about a third of it (oops!) and am really enjoying taking in a good book in a slightly different way.  

The good: Vegetable Gyoza soup from EAT - my new found food obsession and only 3% fat. The Bad: Pizza and chips for tea on Saturday and the downright ugly (at least in the calorie stakes): Ben's cookies - triple choc variety.

These fabulous newly found blogs....
(Sophie is a textile graduate..her work is beautiful!)

One of my friends has just got back from two month's travelling around Asia and hearing about her trip and seeing the photos is making me crave a holiday BIG TIME. Our ongoing 'saving-for-a-house-deposit' means its unlikely we can go abroad this year (camping it is!) but I can still jet off somewhere lovely in my head or through hearing about your holiday plans if you have any?

Until next weekend!


  1. I love reading these posts :) xxx

  2. I love leaving work in the light too- makes SUCH a difference doesn't it. You just feel that you have the whole evening ahead of you and work wasn't your entire day. I've had a few things from Elf that have arrived damaged or a bit dodgy but them seem pretty good at getting it sorted.

    Saving-for-a-house-deposit is something we're doing too- it makes me feel guilty whenever I treat myself to something!!xx

  3. My elf brush came looking the same! I think maybe they use the same sized packet for all brushes, and it just isn't big enough, not cool.
    I finally managed to find the vintage palette today, in a big boots branch. Probably only the bigger ones have it.

    Anna x

  4. What a lovely makeup haul!! You lucky girl! :] Great blog!

  5. Ooh free beauty loot? You're so lucky!!

  6. Ooh wow..lucky girl! What I wouldn't love to know a makeup artist who could give me all that hehe! Ahh and going to work and coming back from work in the light is sooo good after all the darkness!

    Thank you for following my blog, loving yours, and this post is a great idea! xx