Sunday, 20 February 2011

This week I've been....

I thought I'd create this post to to let all you lovely ladies know what I've been up to over the week.   Hope you enjoy...I may make it a regular feature to brighten up my boring Sunday evenings so please let me know what you think!

Going to visit Andy's sister and spending time with his two little nephews. They are 3 and a half and 18 months old and adorably cute and so much fun. This is a pic of Andy playing 'trucks' with the oldest of the two Harry. I took it whilst we were all away on holiday last year & its one of my most favourite photos ever!

Spending money on car repairs. My car has been due to have its cam belt changed for quite a while. I have no clue what that actually is but am assured by the boyf that if it breaks I'll basically need a new engine so I got it replaced this week. Can you believe it cost me a whopping £280 - that's one expensive belt! :-(

True Blood and House on DVD. We don't have Sky (booo!) so tend to pick up cheap box-sets on ebay and then work our way through them in an obsessive back-to-back episode kind of way. Bliss! (especially Jason Stackhouse...Ryan Kwanten's come a loooong way from his Home & Away days!)

This floral print tea dress from Asos.

The Boots 17 Vintage Love LE eyeshadow palettes. I read on various blogs a while ago that the launch date was 28th Jan but I haven't been able to find them in store or online. Maybe I was just far too slow but would love to know if anyone has spotted them!

Dorothy Perkins' entire spring/summer handbag collection especially these little cross-body cuties

This is my outfit from Saturday. Not particularly groundbreaking in the fashion stakes but it needed to be practical for a day spent chasing two highly energetic toddlers around :) Excuse the dog's water bowl & the funny face I'm pulling too - as it was my first ever OOTD I had no idea how to pose/where to look!

From top to toe..
Necklace - New Look
Bird Print Scarf - H&M
Black Vest - H&M
Cardi - Primark
Gold Owl Ring - H&M
Black/Gold Bow Bangle - Primark
Black Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Black Boots - New Look

To Usher, Adele with a random sprinkling of MGMT & Skunk Anansie! This has been my Sunday afternoon soundtrack whilst giving our bedroom a good tidy up/clear out. So far I've filled 3 bags with rubbish, 2 with clothes for the charity shop and a shoe box full of make up & beauty bits that I'll be popping up on here as a blog sale some time in the week :)

Just my Asda haul plus a couple of bits from Outfit on the way home from work on Friday. The one near me has a Dotty P's/Burtons, Miss Selfridge, Evans and Wallis and this is what I picked up...

Turquoise Ring - £8.50

Dress - Dorothy Perkins £35
Until next time weekend!


  1. I think this is a lovely idea Rachel, and I love the way you've set it out. I do something a bit similar with an Up/Down every Sunday.
    I really like your cardigan was that a recent Primark purchase? Gorgeous colour on you xxx

  2. I Can't believe I've never read your blog before. You're amazing!
    Honestly, this is SUCH a great idea. I look forward to reading it next weekend!:)x

  3. @ Lila loves thank you for your lovely comment, so glad you enjoyed it :) I hate Sunday evenings so it's nice to have a feature to focus on! Picked up the cardi last weekend :)

    @ZoeJohnsonx aww thanks my dear :)

  4. You are looking gorgeous in that ootd post :) I am a true blood obsessive and cannot wait for the new season to start! i've read all the sookie stackhouse books too :) I don't know who i love more Bill or Eric?! Jason is pretty sexy too!! xx