Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reviewed: Crown Brushes

Just a quick update on the Crown brushes I posted about a few weeks ago now. Overall I've been impressed - the brushes are standing up well to pretty much daily use and haven't shed at all during washing. Out of the 5 brushes I ordered 3 are obvious winners, 1 is sadly not and 1 is still to be confirmed as I'll now show!

I love both the blending brushes. The crescent brush is great and softening out your crease colour. The angled blender actually has a flat top (I haven't photographed it particularly well - sorry) and the ends of the bristles blend darker/pigmented colours with ease. 

The concealer brush took a while to get used to as it really is so small but I like the precise application it gives you and it has (as I hoped) forced me to be less heavy-handed with the concealer.

The tapered crease brush is sadly not a winner for me but more down to personal preference rather than anything being wrong with it as such. I've found it to be an exact dupe of the essence of beauty crease brush I already have. The EOB brush however has a much shorter handle which I simply find easier to use for crease work. For that reason alone I doubt I'll be reaching it for much at all but if you prefer a longer handled eye brush then you'll probably get along with this fine!

Still to try
I still haven't got hold of a cream eyeliner to try this brush out with - I have my eye on the one from the No7 spring collection but its been out of stock every time I call into Boots :( I think I'll give in and give good old Elf's version a try so watch this space.

In summary I think these are great brushes - yes the writing on them is a little ugly but not all the ranges have the text on them & the actual brush heads (i.e the part that matters!) are great quality for the price. This makes them great for budget beauty addicts or those who are just starting to build their brush collection and want to try out different types without sacrificing a huge chunk of their pay packet.

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  1. Ooh, I wanna try their blending brushes.

    I know! By Candlelight is sooo pretty :D xo

  2. have seen some good reviews of crown brushes, will mayb pick some up, thanks for the review

    Laura x

  3. @ popblush they're the highlights of my haul!

    @ Laura you're welcome, look forward to seeing what you think of them if you do pick some up