Thursday, 17 February 2011

Teeny haul...& celeb spotting Thursday!

Evening all! I nipped to the supermarket after work this evening to buy some helium balloons of all things! (one of the girls at work is off on maternity leave tomorrow and I was charged with buying the balloons to decorate her desk! Thank god for Asda!) Whilst there I also grabbed the following...

I've been finding the roots of my hair are getting really greasy at the moment so thought I'd give this VO5 Refreshingly Pure shampoo a whirl. I used a couple of their other shampoos/conditioners a while ago and think they were quite good (or at least not tragically bad because then I'm sure I'd remember to avoid!) Anyhoo it was on offer at only £1 so don't really mind if it ends up being crapola.

Next up was a new serum - I went for Gloss Boss No Frizz Shine Serum by Andrew Barton. I've never tried this brand before but it was also on offer (I'm such a cheapskate!) at £3.70. Having tried it yet obviously but squidged a bit on my hand and it smells scrummy coconut sun tan lotion!

Last but definitely not least was another £1 bargain in the form of George matte finish quick dry nail polish in the shade Twister which is a gorgeous deep grape/purple colour. It actually has a slight duochrome khaki hint to it which hasn't shown up in the pics I'm afraid.

My nails are still on their post-extensions recovery journey so here's a little swatch on my nail wheel - it took just 2 thin coats to get a lovely opaque finish and it really is super fast drying (touch dry in 30 secs!) Not sure this if this is a feature of all matte polishes as this is the first one I've tried but extremely impressed either way!

Before I sign off I have one last pic to share...look who I got to meet at work today - Peter Crouch! I don't like football at all but still got totally starstruck, hence the cheesy photo! :)

Until next time,


  1. Lovely nail shade. Unfortunately my local Asda don't seem to stock George nail polish x

  2. wow peter crouch! (would've been better if it was a hunky footballer like Jamie redknapp!!) Where do you work that you meet famous footballers??