Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Four words I didn't expect to be saying...

I. Hate. Revlon. Colorstay  :( 

I've read so many amazing reviews of this foundation and although there has been the odd negative in there (mainly packaging related) I don't recall ever reading a post as scathing is mine is sadly about to be :(

So like many I realise straight away after cracking it open that I don't like the smell and the lack of a pump is as much of a pain as I'd imagine it to be (hello wasted product!) But I figure you could happily overlook that if it looks great on right?

Sadly things only got worse from there. The shade I went for (Sand Beige) was, despite being considered an NC20-25 dupe, way too pink-toned. Application wise it dried so quickly it was hard to blend (I tried fingers and brush) and impossible to build/layer up. The finished result exaggerated every single pore and felt heavy and mask-like on my skin. Its one redeeming feature is that it is super long lasting...however that too had a downside in that removal was tough going and I found myself having to scrub pretty roughly at my face to get rid of it fully.

Despite all this I'm still glad to have tried it as you never know what you might be missing until you do! Whilst its mega-disappointing to find that such a widely acclaimed product doesn't work for you, the upside is that often it makes you realise how much you love something else - in my case Bourjois's Healthy Mix foundation. For now anyway...the fact that an order of Face Atelier samples is winging its way to me as I write this is a pretty sure sign that I won't stop looking!
Until next time,


  1. I recently bought this and I found it really difficult to apply, pretty much impossible to blend with a foundation brush. That being said I do love the way it looks on my skin (once I have blended it in with my fingers) :)
    Its the same for all products there can be one that lots of people love, but others will hate!!

    Amy xx

  2. Oh no!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this foundation and raved about it on my blog! I genuinely swear by it - just goes to show that no one product is right for everyone!
    I apply a very small amount at a time and use a M.A.C. 188 brush (a duo fibre brush) which applies it like a dream. Is it worth trying different brushes or do you think it is a definite no? :( xxx

  3. I have the revlon colorstay mineral mousse, i love it, but i agree with what you have put here im not sure if it is the same as the bottle you have shown, but it tends to dry to quick and by an hour later it doesn't seem to appear to be any make-up on my face at all. xxx

  4. Oh no :( I hate that but like you said if you dont try you never know! I normally like revlon so i would give this a try but I HATE max factor so i avoid that like the plague haha x

  5. Aww that's disappointing, I'm sorry it didn't work for you )=

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  7. I apply it with a damp sponge, it helps blend it. I don't like it when I apply it with a brush either. Hope that helps xx

  8. Aw I just bought this from your Blog Sale! Such a shame you didn't like it, I swear by Revlon Colorstay, I vary between 3 diffferent shades depending on the time of year (Buff/Natural Beige/Sand Beige) and your Sand Beige is going to a loving home :)

    Nice blog btw, glad to have discovered it!

    Rachel [a fellow one :-)] xx