Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Reviewed: Toni & Guy Afro Moisture Lock Hair Straighteners

These Toni & Guy straighteners were a Christmas pressy from the boyf's parents. I've been searching for a new pair for quite a while and of course the obvious choice would be a set GHDs but if truth be told, they're actually too good for my hair! Before you think I've lost my marbles entirely I should explain that I get my hair chemically relaxed and so use straighteners very infrequently - mainly just to tame my wayward fringe and layers and to tidy up the bed-head kinks that greet me in the morning! For that reason I find that GHD's run at a much hotter temperature than my hair needs to straighten it and so are not really worth the money.

What they say
"The Toni & Guy Afro Hair Straightener features salon-level design especially created for Afro or textured hair, with rapid 30-second heat-up time to its maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

The Afro Hair Straightener combines Ionic moisture-lock technology with variable heat control, hydrating your hair and protecting it against dryness with minimum breakage. A cool-tip design prevents damage to your fingers and scalp.

Take care of your look with the advanced styling technology of the Afro Hair Straightener from Toni & Guy!"

What I say
As you'll probably have noticed from the post title these straighteners are actually designed for afro hair which I don't have (again..bear with me, there is logic to my madness) but the chemicals that are used to straighten my hair do leave it quite susceptible to heat damage. Afro hair is obviously quite delicate too and so I figured a tool that straightens more gently may be worth a shot.

I've been using the straighteners more or less every day since Christmas day and have found them to be really good. They have heat up quickly, are compact and lightweight and the plates don't snag my hair at all. I also (somewhat flippantly!) love the fact that they're charcoal grey rather than boring black. Its probably too early for me to comment on whether they are actually any 'better' for my hair but I have to say the dreaded split ends don't seem to be creeping up as quickly as they normally do.

I do feel that there are a couple of negatives to report on although these are more related to the features/packaging than the straighteners' 'straightening' ability. Firstly they don't have an automatic switch-off timer which from a safety perspective is a real pain. I've lost count of the amount of times I've got to the end of the road and had to turn back to make 'extra sure' that I haven't left my straighteners on :( Secondly the straighteners don't come with a plate lock or even a storage pouch so storing them is quite awkward. Even my previous pair of cheapo Remingtons had a heat-resistant case - it was handy to be able to put them away when still slightly warm and I'm also worried that the plates on these new ones could get scratched quite easily. All is not lost - I've managed to this storage bag/mat from Feel Unique but I think its pretty poor of Toni & Guy not to throw in even a basic case. The third negative for me is actually the price which comes in at £59.99 - luckily my boyfriend's mum was able to get these for under £40 on offer at Currys but considering the lack of safety/storage features I think the price tag is way too hefty.

Would I repurchase? Probably although I hope that I don't have to for a while - my last set of straighteners lasted a good 4 years - here's hoping these last go the distance too.
Would I recommend? Yes absolutely but  I don't think they're worth the full RRP so be sure to seek out a good offer before you splash out.

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