Monday, 3 January 2011

Reviewed: Esprit Styling Lipgloss in Exquisite Beige

What they say....

"Smooth light texture, makes the lips look fuller, hydrates, up to 6 hours of high-gloss and full looking lips"

What I say....

I picked this lipgloss up in a pharmacy in Cologne whilst the boyf and I were on a recent trip to visit the Christmas markets. I had no idea that Esprit made cosmetics but its not a brand I'm that familiar with so maybe they do and I just haven't noticed.

The outer packaging is fairly plain and functional but what I love most about this gloss is the applicator which is a brush rather than a sponge/doe-foot. Like many, I find that doe-foot wands retain more product than they transfer to your lips but this applicator allows you to get a nice generous layer out of the tube and onto your mush! 

Exquisite Beige is a lovely nude pink with a teeny amount of fine glitter...for me its a true, my-lips-but-better colour. Texture wise the gloss isn't overly sticky, it lasts reasonably well but way off the 6 hours Esprit suggest. (On that note is anyone else just bored of outlandish product claims!? Yes this gloss would probably last for 6 hours....if I didn't eat, drink or even speak! Rant over....

Price Can't quite remember but think it may have been around the 7 euros mark

Would I repurchase? I would if I could but a quick scan on google reveals that Esprit don't sell their cosmetics online :(

Would I recommend? Definitely a brand to look out for if you happen to be on holiday in Germany or know someone out there who can pick one up for you!

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