Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year = New Facecare Routine

I've had combination/spot-prone skin since my early teens and whilst my actual breakouts seem to have become less frequent over the last few years, the spots I've been getting recently seem to leave dark scars that take forever to fade :(

I decided late last year to embark on a new skincare routine that will (hopefully) reduce the scar tissue and hyperpigmentation. Everyone knows that glycolic acid is supposedly one of the most effective ingredients to improve the skin's appearance and texture so first up are are Mario Badescu's Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and Toner which were an Xmas pressy from my dear mummy.

Next on the list was Origins Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Moisturiser (what a mouthful!). The range which contains a new skin-brightening ingredient called Palmaria has received fab reviews online so this was a no-brainer in my book.

I typically use a 2-in-1 make up remover on both my face and peepers but the switch to glycolic acid based cleansers made me think a seperate eye make-up remover might be in order. Product of choice is the ultra quirky Balms Away Make-up Break-Up. I plan to do a full review of this soon as after just one use I've realised that I LOVE it! :)

I will post updates every few weeks or so on how the new routine is going. And in the interest of a fair review of the face products I suppose I should post a 'before' photo....cue hideous shot of my make-up free cheek. Hopefully it will be the last showing it looking like this!

Until next time,

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