Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reviewed: Boots 17 Photo Flawless Lashes Mascara in Black/Copper

What they say
"These fabulous mascaras have a clever curved wand that will give your lashes a long-lasting lift and voluptuous volume from day to night. They are smudge-proof and promise to leave you saying good-bye to panda eyes. Each mascara contains a carbon black shade mixed with a twist of pearlescent colour. 

By accentuating your natural eye colour, you’ll never feel the need to hide from the camera again. Thanks to the angled brush of this mascara it creates the most dramatic effect by lifting and curling the lashes. The best thing about this mascara is the intense pigment in the formula that accentuates the colour of your iris, brightening your eyes making them bigger and your lashes full of life."

What I say

This mascara comes packaged in quite a unique shaped black plastic tube with gold lettering - I love the film reel detail.

The Photo Flawless mascara is available in 3 colour-ways Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Copper for blue, green and brown eyes respectively! You can (hopefully) see the slight pearlescent shimmer on the brush in the picture below

The mascara features a medium sized, curved bristle brush and a middle of the road formula which is neither overly wet or dry. I do prefer a wetter formula but its not unworkable.

As the pics show it took 3 coats to get a look that I was reasonably happy with (probably owing to the medium consistency). There was definitely some decent length but volume was in my view lacking. Also worth noting that this mascara lived up to the claim of being smudge proof during the day but its in no way water resistant.

Bare eye
One coat..
Two coats...
Three coats...
The copper shimmer isn't visible once on - but the key selling point is that the the mascara accentuates your natural eye colour so here is the bare eye/3-coat pics side by side.  To ensure impartiality I asked the boyf to look and see if he could point out any differences. His first comment was 'your lashes are different' (bless!) but he did also go on to add that my iris in the right hand pic is ever so slightly brighter so the mascara appears to have made a little difference :)

Price £5.99 from good old Boots

Would I repurchase? I love the brightening effect but for me the formula doesn't give enough volume for this to become my new fave - three coats is just too much hassle!

Would I recommend? This will be a great mascara for a natural look with a eye-brightening twist so if that's your aim, you could do a lot worse.

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  1. the 17 nail varnishes are good :) harriet xx

  2. @ harrietalice I've never tried their polishes. My nails are so rubbish at the mo after having a set of gel extensions on but once they're in back to normal I'll be sure to check them out!