Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hauled: Lush, Revlon (and a primer disaster!)

A small haul from the weekend...I nipped into Lush as I wanted to try their I Love Juicy shampoo and their website is still not up and running after being hacked :-/ I got it in the smallest size they do as although I'll only get a handful of washes out of it, I think you know pretty quickly whether you're onto something good! And If it works half as good as it smells (like tropical fruit juice!) then I have high hopes! I also picked a lip scrub in Mint Julips which I put to work staight away...and which tastes so blinking good it should clearly come with nutritional information.

My only other beauty purchase was some Revlon ColorStay. This foundation is infamous on the beauty blog circuit and as such needs no introduction. I figured it was time to check out the hype for it had £3 off in Superdrug and me loves a discount.

On a sad note I was applying some eye primer this morning and on squeezing the tube the following occured:

...depositing the majority contents down the front of my PJs :( Looking on the bright side I've been thinking of switching primers once this tube is all used up anyway so it just means that moment is now! Currently in the running are Nars or Estee Lauder so if anyone has used either or those or has any other recommendations then please do share.

Until next time,


  1. Oh wow that sucks for the primer, especially since it's from Too Faced and it's not cheap! )=

  2. I haven't tried this shampoo but really like Lush shampoo's in general, a little seems to go a long way. Hope it does a good job!xx

  3. i love revlon colorstay! i even find myself grabbing for it sometimes instead of high end foundations haha :) love your blog!!


  4. I love the Mint Julips lip scrub! It is so yummy!

    What happened to your primer really sucks =( On the brightside, you'll be able to try something new sooner than you'd hope!

    Andrée xx

  5. @ Gaby I know, there must have been at least £5 worth down the front of my top - boooooo!

    @ Emily Charlotte I gave it a whirl last night and didn't need much to get a good old lather going! And it leaves your hair smelling lovely!

    @ Emilie I have high hopes :) Have heard its tricky to apply so doing my research on the best method before I jump on in

    @ Straight Up Glam isn't it just, there's waaay more going in my mouth than going on it :-S

  6. I Love Juicy is FAB - I've been using it for about 6 years and I've never felt the need to try anything else xx

  7. @ Hannah wow, 6 years! it must be awesome stuff! I'm 3 days in and loving it so far :)

  8. I love the mint julips lip scrub! Its so yummy to lick off afterwards! I havnt tried i love juicy before but it is on my list. I would love to know how you got on with it :)

    Hi I have just started a beauty blog! I would love for you to take a look and see what you think. Thanks :D

  9. @ LushCosmeticsLover I really liked I love juicy but it was almost too good - it cleaned my hair so well it did get oily again quite quickly. One to use every other day perhaps! P.s welcome t

  10. o the world of beauty blogging!