Sunday, 10 October 2010

Reviewed: Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

As I mentioned in an earlier post I get my hair chemically straightened and whilst I love the results, one of the few downsides is that the ends can become quite dry. Now we all know the only true cure for split ends is a trip to the hairdressers but I went on holiday earlier this year and couldn't get an appointment before we left. In desperation I decided to seek out a split ends treatment to tide me over which came in the form of Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Sealed Ends.

What they say.....
"Repair Rescue Sealed Ends mends split hair ends and prevents them from reforming. BC hairtherapy with Cura+Protein Complex and Amino Cell Rebuild technology seals the cuticle and repairs the hair cell. For smoothed ends full of suppleness and shine".

What I say....

Packaging Repair Rescue Sealed Ends is packaged in a 75ml squeezy tube - you get a reasonable amount of product whilst still being an easy size to throw in your handbag.

Product As per the instructions Repair Rescue Sealed Ends is applied  to the ends of dry hair. Its a leave-in finishing product so there's no need to rinse and a little goes a long way (the amount shown below is about double what I need to use and I have below-shoulder length hair and lots of it!). The product itself is a gel/cream formula that leaves a non-sticky finish - its quite heavily fragranced and I'm not particularly keen the scent they've used but it fades quickly once the product dries so it doesn't cause any major issue.

Results As the pic shows this leaves the ends of my hair looking smoother and shinier and lasts pretty much all day. On closer inspection it has sealed most of the split ends and although they soon spring back to life after I wash my hair, this product delivers on what I asked for which is a  temporary treatment for dry ends until I can get to the hairdresser.



I've also found that this product works well for light styling as although its not officially a fixing product, it has just enough hold to tame my wayward fringe. As for the claim that it actually mends and prevents split ends reforming?...I can't really comment as I've only tended to use this for short periods when my hair needs trimming but I must say I'm skeptical - if it really did then most hairdressers would be hot-footing it down to the job centre as we speak!

Price £8.05 plus delivery from this site

Would I re-purchase? Yes although because even the tiniest amount of product goes such a loooooong way I can't imagine I will need to anytime soon.

Would I recommend? Definitely - a fabulous quick-fix product and great value for money

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  1. All your reviews are so helpful! Great blog :)

  2. Thanks denika! I'm still getting to grips with the beauty blogging thing so the feedback is much appreciated!! X