Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Reviewed: John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been wanting to try this shampoo and conditioner for a while and Lollipop Loves' post prompted me to give them a whirl.

What they say.....
"For healthier-looking hair, start at the roots. For stronger, more manageable style, start at the roots. Infused with natural Eucalyptus, Root Awakening® products awaken your hair's resiliency from root to tip for hair that's bouncy, radiant and easier to style"

The range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and a Strength-Boosting Leave-in Spray

What I say....

Packaging The shampoo and conditioner are both packaged in a squeezy tube design. The pale green colour scheme hints at a more natural product (although a quick scan of the ingredients list suggests this is merely good marketing!) I do love that the leaf patterns are textured/embossed - it makes the bottles feel a bit more high-end - but the caps are near impossible to open with wet, shower hands, I've resorted to using my teeth! :(

Product The range includes versions for Dry and Normal hair. My hair gets quite oily at the roots so heeding Laura's advice I went for the Normal hair version.

The shampoo is clear with a slight green tinge and a strong eucalyptus scent. It lathered and rinsed well - I think I probably expected it to feel a bit tingly on the old scalp given the focus on eucalyptus, root awakening etc but no tingles here! The conditioner is quite thick in texture, and again has the eucalyptus scent although its slightly more sweet and buttery smelling than the shampoo - it reminds me of murray mints and I loved it!

Results Immediate results after washing are good. My hair feels clean and the ends were easy to comb through. However I shower in the evening and by the next morning I'm waking up to quite lank roots. The finger of blame is pointed firmly at the shampoo as I never apply conditioner above my ears, it seems even the Normal version is too much for my greasy bonce!

As for the claims, can I say that after a month of use my hair is....
  • Healthier looking? - My hair does look pretty shiny after using these products so if shine = health then yes!
  • Bouncy - Nope but then I do get my hair chemically straightened (more on that soon!) so bounce is not on my hair agenda!
  • Stronger - The ends of my hair can be quite fragile - I haven't seen any more or less breakage since using this range
  • More manageable - Again, the permanent straightening dictates how manageable my hair is but these products keep the small amount of static I do get at bay.
Price Normally £4.79 each for 250ml but I picked them up from Boots on a 2 for £6 offer

Would I re-purchase? Yes but only the (fabulous smelling) conditioner unless they bring out a version of the shampoo for oilier hair

Would I recommend? Definitely to someone with truly normal or dry hair and with a 'proceed with caution' for oilier-haired ladies!

Until next time,

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