Monday, 27 September 2010

A big hello....

..and thanks for reading my blog. I thought I’d use this first post to do the all-important intro so here goes….

A bit about me (in numbers!)
26. My age. I’ll be 27 in December this year which is scarily close to the big ‘30’ – eeek!

6. The number of places I’ve lived in the UK before settling in Reading, Berkshire in 2009. I’ve actually moved 4 times in the last 5 years but am pleased to say my nomadic lifestyle is over….for now!

3. The number of years I’ve been with my awesome other-half Andy who I bought met on a well-known dating website. Yey for online match-making!

9. The number of months I’ve been part of the blogging world with ADateAtTheTate - a personal journal of my trips, travels and life in general.

37 (and growing). The number of beauty blogs I’ve been secretly stalking for the last year. I can’t quite remember how or why I started reading them but can recall that it was the fabulous Lipglossiping that popped my beauty blog cherry and the obsession just grew from there!

52.5 – The number of minutes I spent browsing the aisles of Boots this weekend (much to Andy’s dismay) and which has made me think its time to join in the fun with a beauty blog of my own.

A bit about my blog
Firstly I’m no expert or guru - more of a beauty 'explorer'! My budget is mostly high street with a splash of high-end and I’ve never been trained in how to apply make up. Everything I know is a mix of random experimentation & YouTube tutorials (whilst keeping the make-up remover wipes handy for when it goes wrong!) 

I’m all for natural beauty – for those who can rock the bare-faced look - but after a decade of mild teenage acne, that’s unfortunately not me. As I’ve got older I have definately become more comfortable in my own skin but to put it simply I just love the confidence that beauty and cosmetic products give me.

So can I promise to deliver anything drastically different to the amazing blogs that already exist out there? Probably not if I’m honest! This blog will simply be a record of my journey to find beauty products that bring out the best in me. And if I can inspire just one reader the way that I have been by online beauty blogs, I’ll consider it a job well done!

p.s just so you can put a face to the name, this is me (with the result of my online dating adventure!) x x x

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