Saturday, 2 October 2010

Reviewed: About Face by Scott Barnes

About Face is a new book by Scott Barnes - a celebrity make up artist whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson & Christina Aguilera. Perhaps his biggest celebrity fan is Jennifer Lopez whose trademark 'glow' has been the result of Scott's skilled handiwork since they started working together 6 years ago.

About Face begins with a foreword from Jen herself & is then divided into 3 sections of 'transformations' which are essentially makeovers. The decision to use the word transformation is according to Scott highly intentional - his belief is that with the right beauty tools & techniques every woman can change their look from pretty average to flipping extraordinary. Each makeover includes step-by-step instructions (although Scott's approach to the order in which products are applied is a little unorthodox in places - blusher and lips before eyes for example!?)

The makeovers are interspersed with top tips from Scott, celebrity interviews (in fact I think most of the transformation subjects are famous but perhaps only Stateside as I don't recognise many of them!) as well as Q&A sessions with expert beauty and skincare specialists. The makeover subjects differ in age, race and skin tone so there will be something in here for everyone.

What makes this book stand out for me is Scott approach to highlighting & contouring. To most of us - me included - its something to do after your base is applied but Scott makes it a central part of make up application often using different coloured foundations to sculpt the face and draw out features. Here are a couple of photos from the book to show you what I mean...

From this... this!

There is no denying that the guy is a flipping genius with a goat-hair foundation brush although if I'm entirely honest I find the idea just a little intimidating! It might take me a little time to go from reading to trying this particular technique but in the meantime there are plenty of other tips to try.

All in all I think this is a great book, stuffed full of tips and accompanied by fab photography and witty copy. My only gripe would be that Scott doesn't let you know what products he has used but I would still highly recommend it. I picked About Face up from Amazon for £10 (including delivery). I personally think this is amazing value for such a great book and I'd have happily paid twice as much.

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