Saturday, 2 October 2010

Reviewed: Relax and Wax 'No Scream Cream'

What they say....
"NO-SCREAM CREAM is a topical anesthetic that makes waxing relatively pain-free and can ease waxing discomfort by approximately 80 percent! When you start using NO-SCREAM CREAM you'll stop dreading your wax appointments".

What I say....

Packaging The cream comes in a 1oz (28g) tube with a cute bikini print. Its fairly no-frills but it does the job!

Product Relax and Wax takes the form of a white cream containing 20% benzocaine - a miled anaesthetic which gently numbs the skin. It is applied 30-45 minutes before waxing and the trick is not to rub it in fully. Instead apply Relax & Wax as fairly thick  layer so the cream still appears white - this ensures that there is enough of the painkilling ingredient on your skin to have an effect. You don't however have to walk around like this though as after 5 minutes the cream does absorb - which also means it doesn't interfere with the waxing process.

Results I can cope with leg waxing quite well but found my first couple of bikini waxes almost unbearable. When I bought this cream the therapist suggested that taking a painkiller can also help so I have been using the cream in tandem with 2 ibuprofen ever since and have to say that I find bikini waxes far less painful. I used to dread my next appontment and whilst its still no party, I definately feel less pain. If I'm honest I can't say if this is the cream or the pills or both together but all I know is something is working and I'm not going to be cutting either out just to find out which it is!

Price I think I paid about £18 which seems a lot given the amount of product you get. This tube has lasted me for over a year so far though and is still half-full although I only use it for bikini waxes - you'd get through it far quicker if used on larger areas making it a pricier purchase.

Would I repurchase? Definitely - I won't be getting waxed without it. I got my original tube from my local beauty salon but a quick google search brings up quite a few online stockists including an ebay seller who is selling it for much less than I paid!

Would I recommend? Yes if you find waxing painful/uncomfortable then you have nothing to lose - and if you don't then what are you made of? :)

N.b This product can't be used if you are allergic to Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Novacaine etc

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