Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Reviewed: Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara

In need of new mascara I popped into Asda after work intending to pick up Rimmel's Lash Accelerator but my eye was instead caught by The Max Bold Curves. Whilst my eyelashes aren't particularly short, they are annoyingly straight. Yes - I could set about them with the Shu Uemura's but if I'm honest I can't really be bothered of a morning and so my journey to find a decent curling mascara continues! Here goes with the latest installment!

What they say....
"Take curvy, bold lashes to the max with The Max Bold Curves Mascara. Not only will it give your flirtatious flutters up to 14x more volume, it will also create unmissable lashes with up to 70% more lift. Exclusive formula with collagen thickens lashes, while keratin helps to make them stronger, sleeker and shinier. And with our biggest, most curvaceous Bold-Lift brush, you can max out every lash in a flash!"

What I say....

Packaging The Max Bold Curves is a variation of the Volume Flash range and so comes packaged in the familiar slightly curved/tapered tube. As you can see the colour scheme is bright lime green with pink text and it neither excites or offends me (although the writing doesn't jump out from the tube so is a bit hard to read).

Product The Max Bold Curves' bristle brush is curved (as you would expect from a curling mascara!) and a little on the chunky side. The formula is medium consistency - not overly wet but neither does it have one of those (in my opinion!) irritating formula remover thingies at the top of the tube. I picked it up in Black (this may be the only shade  I didn't see any others on the shelf and the Rimmel website doesn't mention colours at all!) The colour is pretty good - not overly pigmented but then this mascara already makes enough claims without the colour intensity also being one of them!

Results As the pictures show both one and two coats added a fair bit of length - at least double - and the curved brush did a decent job at grabbing even the smallest outer-corner lashes. Unfortunately I can't say much for  the amount of volume - whilst I wasn't remotely hopeful of achieving the 14x claim I actually think the standard Volume Flash comes out better on volumising, which is disappointing given that its a major claim of The Max Bold Curves. On the up-side the curl is pretty good (using my highly scientific method of  'can I feel my lashes tickling my brow bone'? the answer to which is yes, lightly!) and there was no smudging as the day wore on.
Bare lashes:

One coat:

Two coats:

Price £6.47 

Would I repurchase? I'll definitely use up this tube but the so-so volume makes it a no from me.

Would I recommend? Yes if you're after a good all-round mascara its definitely worth a try.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good experience with this mascara, I hated it the formulation was too wet for me but I can see from your other posts that you prefer it that way. I like mine to be inbetween. x