Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yet more primer problems!

I don't have much luck with eye primers or rather with their packaging. The last tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance I used split open on me as shown in the pic below and half of it was wasted.

The latest culprit is NYX's HD eyeshadow base.

My current tube was running out and when using it for what I thougth would be the last time I noticed that the opening of the tube had come away. Now you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm being daft for moaning about a packaging fail on a near empty tube but what actually irritated me was the realisation that there was absolutely TONS of product left in the tube - this much to be precise...

For reference this is a 7g pot that I transferred it into and its at least half full! Now I think most beauty bloggers are aware of the UD Primer Potion issue where the elaborate curves of the bottle secretly harbour tons of leftover product but this is a straight tube for lord's sake!!!
Until next time,


  1. Oh my god,i'm shocked at how much you rescued. I hate throwing things out when I KNOW there is product still inside.I always think it will be too messy to cut the packaging but not now i will def be reaching for the scissors.
    Thanks for the post. xx

  2. Oh dear! This has reminded me to always cut open the packaging when I know there is product left inside!!
    Sirens and Bells xx

  3. Oh yes I remember what happened to your tube of Too Faced primer! ):

  4. @ BeautybyPaula me too - I was so surprised to see how much there was left! The tube felt so light and even wiggling the brush inside it didn't bring out any extra product!

    @ Sirens and Bells I'm on a mission to do this with every tube from now on, even if I'm not sure whats left! Hidden leftover product beware!!!

    @ G A B Y it was a sad day for my PJ top!