Monday, 4 April 2011

This week I've been....

Spending time with my mummy. She lives in the Lake District which is about 250 miles away from where I am so I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like. I went up for a visit this weekend but didn't tell her I was coming so that it could be a surprise for mother's day. This is me and the mothership back in 2008 when she remarried & I was her bridesmaid - very surreal to be in the wedding party for one of your parents :)

Having to pay a customs charge on a recent order from the US. Actually, the customs fee I can cope with - its the additional £8 handling charge that Royal Mail added on that really stings :( 

I finally got my paws on some camel jeans. After the ASOS ones I ordered didn't fit I actually changed tactics and got them from Miss Selfridge instead. This is what they look like...

Jean like and camel coloured not surprisingly..! Sorry for the stock picture too, being a proper lazy bum! I also got some nice bits & bobs whilst at my mum's but will do a proper haul post on them some time this week.

Cucumber sandwiches, scones, cakes and champers! For mother's day I treated my ma to afternoon tea at a hotel overlooking Lake Windemere. This was the stunning view out over the gardens and lake...

and this was the scrummy view of our table laden with goodies!

Du Wop's range of beach-inspired compacts - gorgeous duos for eyes, cheeks or lips packaged in stunning shell cases. Available from Simple Beauty and priced at £18.99 each there are 9 different colourways to choose from. My faves are....

'Treasure' Cheeks Compact - 'Subtle peach blush with golden highlighter'

'Pirate' Eyes Compact - 'Smouldering black with glimmering gold'

'Pirate' Lips Compact - 'Deep red cream lipstick with shimmering gold gloss overlay'

Homemade lipstick pans were my crafty project this week - it was actually really good fun! 'How-to' post to follow soon in case you fancy having a go too!

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  1. Those compacts look so cute!!
    Hope you had a great mothers day ♥