Saturday, 5 March 2011

Reviewed: Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara

What they say
'New Revlon CustomEyes™ Mascara is the first Revlon mascara that offers two gorgeous lash looks with one genius brush. The innovative brush has adjustable bristles to amp up length & drama or for all-out length & definition'

What I say

A simple black plastic tube with silver lettering - I can't decide if its classy or a little dull (at least compared to the neon offerings of Rimmel and Maybelline!) The brush is adjusted by twisting the end of the cap.

Custom eyes offers a medium size rubber bristle brush. The rows of bristles move up or down which alters how the product is delivered and in turn allows you to choose from two different 'looks'.  Setting 1 promises Length and Drama - here's the brush when this look is selected...

and here's setting 2 which offers Length and Definition....

As you can see from both shots the formula is wet and intensely pigmented. There are two shades available Blackest Black (the one I got) and Blackened Brown.

So here are the piccies of each setting with both one and two coats on top lashes only.

First up we have Length and Drama....or rather clumps, clumps and more clumps :( My lashes were so stuck together after one coat you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm missing half of them. The formula dries quickly so the end result was possibly not helped by the fact that I stopped to take photos between each coat. Even still this is a non-wearable look in my book.

Bare eye
One coat
Two coats
The Length and Definition look did fare a little better - reasonable length and volume and more critically an even looking lash line (thank god!). Lasting power is good - no smudging or flaking and my lashes don't feel dry or crispy.  

Bare eye
One coat
Two coats
Price £9.99 for 5.6ml

Would I repurchase?
Although I'd happily wear the Length and Definition look in the day I won't be buying this mascara again anytime soon. I love seeing new technology and gimmicks in beauty products (which explains why I was drawn to this mascara in the first place!)  but I'm essentially only getting one look out of it and not two as promised.

Would I recommend?
If you're in the market for an adjustable look mascara I think there are better ones to be had out there - a couple that spring to mind are Bourjois's Volumizer or Rimmel's 1-2-3 Looks. I'd recommend either of those over this offering from Revlon.
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  1. I actually think it looks pretty OK on you - maybe not the most fantastic look, but it doesn't look too shabby, either :)

  2. @ Musicalhouses Thanks..I think its likely to get better the more I use it and the more it dries out a bit - too gloopy at the mo!