Saturday, 12 March 2011

A little Boots haul

Just a few bits that I picked up from good old Boots this afternoon...

The TRESemme Vibrantly Smooth shampoo and Nourish & Renew conditioner are a whooping 500ml each and were on a two for £4.50 offer (Not bad for a litre of product!) I've never used TRESemme products before but hope they're good because its going to take me ages to use them up! I also grabbed a bottle of tea tree oil too which I'm going to use on a couple of annoying bad skin breakouts :( 

Whilst picking up a new bottle of my beloved Healthy Mix from the Bourjois stand, their Delice de Poudre bronzer caught my eye. Of late I've been using the E.l.f Blush and Bronze Duo but am finding the bronzer is a a bit too dark and making my skin look almost dirty in the wrong light - not a good look! I've read many a positive post about the Bourjois bronzer so snapped it up in shade 52. The first thing I did on opening it up was get a sniff of its lovely chocolately fragrance. Nom!

There was a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois bits so I also grabbed a blush pot in Lilas D'Or - the packaging is Limited Edition and very cute. As well as the 3 for 2, by buying three items you also get a gwp in the form of a Bourjois travel card holder (that I don't really have much need for) and a booklet of vouchers which offers monthly savings on various Bourjois products  (that I have lots of need for!)

Finally a couple of swatches of the bronzer and blush for you...I'm slightly alarmed at how orange the bronzer looks but will try and reserve judgement until I've given it a proper road test  :- /

Without flash

With flash

Until next time,


  1. I've found exactly the same with the Elf blush and bronze duo- in my flat it looks fine but in natural light I look grubby!! Have to apply it so lightly now. I really like Tresemme products- hope they work well for you so it's money well spent!xxx

  2. I absolutely love this shampoo and am planning a review of it on my blog soon. It has genuinely transformed my hair. Hope it works as well for you! The conditioner is also great :)

  3. The bronzer looks very orange but it could be a really nice colour for all over the cheeks colour.

  4. Ahh I've heard a lot about that Bourjois bronzer! Looks lovely x