Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Reviewed: TheBalm Balms Away Eye Make-Up Break-Up

I can't say I enjoy taking off my daily face and I find eye make-up the worst as its so hard to shift. I could of course invest in a nice heavy duty oil-based remover but I hate the temporary blindness and greasy layer that they leave behind!
Balms Away caught my eye whilst browsing the Feel Unique site. I'd never heard of its manufacturer (San Francisco based 'TheBalm') before but the concept got me all intrigued & into the virtual basket it went.
What they say
"Blow that unwanted make up away. With the minimalist of effort this nourishing balm removes eye make-up while caring for the skin and lashes. The formulation contains antioxidant protection ingredients to neutralise free radicals - these include Vitamins A, E and C. They also help to prevent premature skin ageing, brighten and condition the skin for a vibrant appearance".

What I say

Balms Away is packaged in a retro-style tin & I love how quirky and unique the packaging is. So far so good in the fun stakes!

Essentially, Balms Away looks and feels like Vaseline although a quick glance shows that the balm contains a fair few more ingredients than your average chapstick. These include vitamins A, C & E and other antioxidants but its probably important to state that top of the list is mineral oil, which I know many beauty addicts strive to avoid. Its not that big a deal to me though so on to the results...

As pictures speak louder than words here's a few snaps showing Balms Away doing its stuff. To put this product thoroughly through its paces I made sure I tried it out on particularly heavy eye make-up.

Before: One smoky eye and a few layers of mascara

A dollop of Balms Away..this is about all you need for one eye

After rubbing in circular motions for the recommended 30 seconds you can clearly see Balms Away getting to work & breaking down your eye make up (not a pretty sight is it!)

Et voila - a quick wipe with a cotton wool pad and all scraps of make up are gone

I was seriously impressed at how easily Balms Away removed my eye make up - don't get me wrong, you do have to wipe a couple of times to get every last scrap off but the thick texture of the balm makes the process feel a lot gentler than the sensation you get with liquid removers. You are meant to keep you eye closed but in the interest of research I did peek and there was no blurriness or stinging to report. I also found that this left my eye area feeling clean but still lovely and soft - you can feel that a tiny amount of product is left behind but I'd say no more than you average eye cream and no way near the slick-like remnants of oil based removers.

On first glance it doesn't feel like you're getting much for your money but I can imagine this product will last me quite a while as you only need a tiny amount to see good results. One potential downfall, depending on your preference, is that you really do have to get stuck in and use your fingers with this product which I appreciate some people don't like doing. For me though its actually allowed me to look forward to taking my make-up off and that can only be a good thing!

Price This sells £17.00 on Feel Unique which gets you 63.8 g of product. I actually picked mine up from Ebay for £12 plus P&P.

Would I repurchase?  I definitely will although £17 is in my book too expensive so I'd definitely look out for discounts/offers or just nip onto Ebay if I were to buy this again.

Would I recommend? Yes absolutely - if you fancy injecting a bit of fun and quirkiness into your make up removal routine. And it really does work!

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  1. @ Mercedes I know, its one pricey little tin. although I do love it! Glad I thought to do a check on ebay before I ordered!