Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Beauty Storage

I love reading posts on how bloggers store their make up etc as its fab inspiration (and appeals to my naturally nosy side if I'm being totally honest!)

After getting some lovely new beauty bits from Father Xmas I found myself with nowhere to put them so a couple of weekends back I headed out into the mayhem of the sales to find me some new storage.

First stop was Home Sense to pick up some basic wicker baskets. I got 3 in total - the largest was £7.99 and now houses my hair tools/products. The small-ish basket was £3.99 and is the perfect size to store facecare in whilst the tiniest one cost a mere £1.99 & is just about big enough for my day-to-day body lotions, deodorant etc.

Daddy basket...

....and Mummy & baby baskets
Next up was new make up storage. Despite my collection being reasonably small (for now!) its still crammed into 3 or 4 different bags/boxes which is just a pain, as I forget what items I actually own and end up repeating the same eyeshadow-blush-lipgloss combo day-in day-out. I'd had my eye on this Japonesque case for a while but could only find US online stockists and the shipping costs are horrendous. So instead I dragged the boyf into HobbyCraft where I snapped up this muji-esque see-through craft case.

The case features a shallow tray which with its seperate divided areas is now home to my lipglosses, lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara, loose eyeshadows and false lashes.

The tray  then lifts out to reveal a deeper storage area which I divided out using small plastic storage boxes and their upturned lids (also from HobbyCraft) to create compartments for bigger items such as bronzers, highlighters, blushers, eyeshadow compacts, foundations and concealers.  

I love the fact that this case allows me to store my make up neatly, in one place, and the fact that its plastic will make it easy to keep clean. The case set me back £12.99 and the smaller boxes were £1.75 each...way less than just the postage on the lusted-after Japonesque.

I didn't pick up anything to store my brushes so in the meantime they're residing in a drinking glass from Ikea! Classy!

Last up is this miniature shopping basket which I've owned for years (so long that I can't remember where I got it from) and which I use to keep my shampoo, conditioner and shower gels from being scattered around the bathroom.

So that's my beauty storage in a nutshell...check out these other posts on where some of my fave bloggers store their stuff.

Until next time,


  1. I have some white wicker baskets to store hair products although mine don't have the cute fabric! Practical and I love ths shabby chic style to them.xx

  2. to your comment on my post, hes very hot with his top off!! haha
    thank you for your comment, your blog is lovely, i see you have 2?? wasent sure which to comment on but i like this post you have as much makeup as me haha xx

  3. @ Emily Charlotte they are so handy to chuck stuff in! The fabric bits come out too so you can give them a wash when they get grubby/something leaks!

    @ Charlottes Wonderland Thank you! lol..I'd love a bigger make up stash - my wish list is huge but trying to pace myself! My other blog was a bit of holiday/travel review one but I don't tend to update it anymore. Beauty blogging is far more fun!

  4. Lovely blog! I'm following .. I love the layout!
    I like that craft store case you got, it stores everything nicely. The YSL powder/blush looks nice too .

  5. @ Miss*Kimmy - thank you for following! :) the case is a perfect fit for all my make up - if only that would stop me buying more! The YSL compact is actually an eyeshadow duo :) I did a review on it a few weeks back - the packaging is scrummy!

    @ Miss EBlog - thanks! Best of all, its forcing me to be tidy!

  6. You have inspired me to sort out my makeup again; I never thought of going to HobbyCraft for a plastic case like that; such a brilliant idea! I do find it quite cathartic sitting down every month or so, cleaning all my makeup and sorting it back into its box and it's definitely long overdue. The wicker boxes are lovely too!

  7. I love reading posts about make-up storage as well :) I think the baskets are a great idea for hair dryers and such. The case looks like such a space saver!

  8. @ Rosie I know exactly what you mean! It usually never stays tidy for long but not sure I could actually mess the case up! everything has its little place!

    @ Mercedes lol...thanks! There are some tiny items in there too! :)

    @ Amaris It didn't look that big in the shop but it's really deceptive as to how much you can fit in. The hair basket is so handy...just pile it all in and ta-da - instant tidyness!

  9. Love it! Looks like heaps of awesome makeup,
    Come check out my blog sometime,
    I'm following!