Monday, 30 May 2011

Reviewed: Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Rotating Mascara

What they say
Innovative new mascara : The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat! The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed. The rotating motion continuously deposits all mascara from the brush onto the lashes and evenly spreads just the right amount of formula onto the lash fringe effortlessly and in record time.

What I say
Red and silver lettering on a black plastic tube....pretty unoffensive but nothing spectacularly eye-catching either. The tube is quite weighty due to the motor and battery in the lid - the lid section is also longer than the part that holds the mascara which somehow made me feel like I wasn't getting as much product....!?

A quick scan of Bourjois's mascara range for comparison shows you're getting less than with their Liner Effect & Volume Clubbing mascaras (11ml) and the Volume Glamour & Coup de Theatre ranges (a whopping 12ml) but more than The Volumizer (7ml) which happens to be one of my favourite mascaras so I shall stop mid-grumble and move on..

Volume Fast & Perfect features a medium width, straight bristle brush. The formula is highly pigmented but a little on the dry side (probably to avoid blobs of mascara flying off the brush when you get the motor going!)

There is a switch on the tube which allows you to alternate the direction of the wand depending on which eye you're applying it to. For best results hold the brush at the base of your lashes allowing the rotating motion to sweep the product through to the tips - Bourjois claim it should take no more than 30 seconds to get perfectly volumised lashes and that you shouldn't need to go back for a second pump of product. I found it a bit odd to apply at first and every so slightly tickly but once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy. If this has worked you should be able to see a little video if the brush rotating below!!!

Here's the photo evidence of one and two coats vs. bare lashes....

Bare lashes
The rotating brush applies the mascara really evenly and combs the product through leaving no clumps behind.
One coat
I did find the wand a bit tricky to use on lower lashes - as it rotated it tended to push them into my skin so quite a high risk of smudging if you're not careful.
Two coats
Length and volume were both reasonable but what really stood out for me was impressive amount of curl it gave to lashes as the following before/after pics show...
Bare lashes

Two coats
Currently £7.99 in an introductory offer at Boots (normal RRP £11.99)

Would I repurchase?
Probably not - I think I was drawn in by the gadget/gimmick on this mascara - the results are pretty good but not ground-breaking enough compared to Bourjois's Volmuizer to warrant a second purchase!

Would I recommend?
Gadget addicts like myself will probably have to try this mascara, it definitely adds bit of fun to the daily make up routine!
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  1. That curl is impressive! I saw this in Boots the other day and almost bought it, really don't need another mascara though!


  2. Mmm.... I'll probably have to give it a try as I'm quite drawn to the idea but probably like my maybelline vibrating mascara I'll prefer to use it normally instead of turning on the rotating bit after a few uses.
    Great review though especially with the video

  3. I usually love Bourjois mascaras, but the gadget bit has scared me away from this haha. The results definitely aren't bad though are they!x

  4. I've never tried their mascaras before but I was pretty amazed at your last photo. Amazed enough to follow and take a look around your blog. I hope you don't mind! I really like it. :)


  5. Looks great!! Wanna give it a try!1 nice blog honey <3 Wud love the fact if you check out 7 follow my blog...will def follow back!!

  6. DO NOT BUY!!!

    My sister baught this mascara and it got caught and pulled her eyelashes out. She had mascara on her eyeball too so she's lucky it didnt take her eye out. Pretty bad design flaw consigering this product is designed to be so close to your eyes...