Sunday, 24 April 2011

This week I've been....(Part 1!)

Getting lost in a maze at Cliveden House (a big stately home near where we live.)

Apparently Sarah Harding is getting married there this year (that's according to Andy by the way - slightly ashamed he knows more celebrity gossip than me!)

Stocking up on some new summer tops

Drinking my first Pimms of the year

Walking by the river and throwing in sticks for Eddie to fetch

Giving Eddie a bath after his paddle - that's one unimpressed pup!

Getting these scrummy Easter pressies from Andy

Watching him blow bubbles in the garden for his two little nephews

Eating awesome barbequed food...sticky ribs and grilled halloumi cheese

This is a slight variation on my normal this week post as like most of the UK we've been out and about making the most of the unseasonal sunshine these past few days so I haven't had time to accumulate many loves, loathes or lusts.

I've got the next few days of work so will do a 'part 2' photo round-up later in the week to make up for it!

Until next time,

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