Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hauled: Primark goodies

Hello all..hope you're having a good start to the week. Yesterday Andy & I headed into London to meet some friends for dinner, drinks and chats and I managed to squeeze in a whistle stop tour around Primark. I say whistle stop becuase that place on a saturday afternoon is like hell on earth so I literally grabbed what I could and headed to the tills with a bewildered Andy in tow.

Despite the craziness they had some lovely stuff in stock - I picked up the following:

Sundress £5 ♥ Floral Ruffle Dress £10

Cardi £10 (got this in black too - forgot to photograph it!)

Silver Pumps £4 ♥ Anchor key charm £1.50 ♥ Leopard Pumps £4 ♥ Tortoiseshell Sunnies £1

 Cross Body Bag £6 ♥ Black/Gold bow bangle £1.50 ♥ Bird necklace £2

Make up bag £1 ♥  Whiplash Mascara £2 ♥ Intelligent Lipgloss £2 ♥ Foundation & Concealer Brush £1.50 ♥ Vanilla Coke Lipsmackers chapstick £1.50 ♥ Cosmetic sponges £1 ♥  Orange Flower & Amber Fragrance Spray

Will try out the make up bits over the next few weeks and report back on any that wow me!

Until next time,


  1. I bought that strapless Primark dress recently, so pretty. The sunglasses and bag both look lovely xxx

  2. lovely haul, loving the sunglasses x

  3. lovely items- particularly loving the tan bag! x

  4. @ Emily They're lovely aren't they..and just a fiver - need to go back for a few more! :)

    @ Miss LV I bought them because it was sunny when we arrived in London...and then within 5 mins it was cloudy again! Still they were ony £1

    @ Carly-Anne its not the kind of thing I'd usually go for, but I really love it now its mine!

  5. @popblush thanks! But the bag to use for the first time yesterday & love it even more now!